1. WHERE IS THE CHECK-IN MADE?  The check-in is made directly in the villa. Instead of queuing in an office, we meet you directly in the villa so to meet you personally and show you every detail of the villa.
  2.  WILL ALMARINA MAKE SURE THE VILLA IS IN PERFECT CONDITION BEFORE I ARRIVE? Yes, of course. Our team always supervise the cleaning and make a detailed quality control review after each stay.
  3. ARE THE SHEETS AND BATH TOWELS INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL PRICE? Of course, they are. When you arrive you will have your bed perfectly made together with 1 big and 1 small towel per person.
  4.  ARE THE BEACH-POOL TOWEL INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL PRICE? No. However, you can rent them for just 10 € per each luxury beach towel for the whole stay. It includes the towel rental and its cleaning after each stay.
  5.  HOW TO PROCEED IF ANYTHING IN THE VILLA IS IN BAD CONDITION? You have our 365 * 24 hours telephone contact to solve any problem you could have.
  6.  WHAT ARE THE CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT TIMES?  The checkin is at 15.00 p.m. and the Checkout at 11.00 a.m.
  7.  IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE AN EARLY CHECKIN? If you wish to check-in before 15 p.m. please let us know sending an email to bookings@almarina.es. We will tell you if it is possible and how much would be the extra money to be paid.
  8. IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A LATE CHECK-OUT? If you wish to check-in after 11 a.m. please let us know sending an email to bookings@almarina.es. We will tell you if it is possible and how much would be the extra money to be paid.
  9. DO WE HAVE TO CLEAN THE VILLA BEFORE WE LEAVE? No, you do not have to clean it. We expect that you leave the villa in a reasonable cleaning stay, take your garbage out and leave the cuttlery, dishes and glasses cleaned.
  10.  DO YOU LEAVE ANY WELCOME PACK INCLUDED IN THE PRICE?  A welcome-pack is not included in the price. Nonetheless, we could leave you some free drinks as a surprise.
  11. IS THE SWIMMING POOL CLEANED DURING OUR STAY?  The swimming pool has to be cleaned twice a week from May to October and once a week from November to April so to that it is maintained in perfect condition. Our pool team has only the garden key, they will prudently enter the villa trying to make its work discreetly and efficiently.
  12. IS THE GARDEN MAINTAINED DURING OUR STAY? We plan the garden maintenance when the villa is empty. So, unless we tell you in advance or you are in the villa more than 2 weeks, you will not have garden maintenance works during your stay.
  13.  CAN WE HAVE SERVICES IN THE VILLA? Of course, we offer a complete range of services in the villa. Please contact us to know about them.
  14.  CAN WE INVITE FRIENDS TO THE VILLA?  You cannot exceed the maximum number of guests in the villa at any time during your stay. This is part of the villa rules as agreed with you and with the villa owners. If you wish to receive a visit exceeding as a result  the maximum number of guests, you need to have a writen authorization of Almarina. Otherwise, you will be breaking the contract rules. Please have in mind, that breaking the villa rules can imply finishing your stay without any compensation.